At some point or another, everyone should make time to evaluate their psychological status.  It always feels good to voice your thoughts to a compassionate and impartial witness.

Everyone is different, so it is my goal to facilitate a therapeutic experience that meets the individual’s needs.

This may manifest through processing thoughts, exploring your narrative, developing exercises and goals, or learning to be in the present.

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If you could do anything you set your mind to, it makes sense to have a means of learning how to set your mind.

Through my study of hypnosis, meditation, and affirmations, I have learned ways of teaching groups and individuals how to build a meditation practice that is customizable to their goals as well as to how their minds work.

This can be taught on a long-term basis for you or through an intensive course for a group.



If you or your business are in a creative industry, you may need help coming up with a process for finding inspiration.

If your team has struggled to work together, they may appreciate a moderator who can offer advice on constructive communication.  Maybe you are just hoping to improve productivity and consequently produce more revenue.

All of these situations and more could be dramatically improved with the aid of a mental health expert.